Five Tips for Brand Development


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Brand Development

Jason LeVecke serves as the managing director for BIIC Solutions based in California, where he provides business, nonprofit, and government advisory and support services. A business executive with two decades of experience, Jason LeVecke also possesses considerable experience in brand development. Effective brand development allows companies to distinguish themselves from other business in their field. The following list covers some simple tips for brand development.

1. Create a brand mission statement. A mission statement expresses your brand’s values and identifies the company’s core purpose. Mission statements also inform all other aspects of the brand building process, from the voice and message to the logo and target audience. You can also add taglines to your mission statement for further clarification.

2. Keep visual brands simple. When creating visual material like logos for your brand, keep design choices simple, yet memorable. Consider limiting color and font choices to two each. This makes them easier to implement and creates an immediate impression. Your font choice also makes a statement about the “voice” of your brand.

3. Maintain consistency. Consistency applies to both visual components and business approaches. Keeping visual components consistent makes it easier for consumers to recognize your brand. Maintaining consistent business approaches and values builds consumer confidence. For instance, always providing dependable customer service shows customers you value their business.

4. Determine a target audience. Building a specific customer profile allows you to clarify your brand’s message and perfect your services. Examples of a target demographic may include single mothers with limited transportation options, college students studying abroad, or executive IT professionals.

5. Integrate your brand. Integrating your brand into every aspect of your business reinforces recognition and contributes to a consistent presentation. Ensure your logo and colors appear on all promotional materials and use your brand’s imagery on all social media platforms.